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  • ​​If in someone's chart Shani dev & Mangal dev both are marak or their placement is bad. Then the best way to get rid of bad/inauspicious/malefic effects of both the planets is to donate matchbox to any beggar/cleaner etc. This will play a important role in calming down the malefic effects

  • ​If someone is under debt & the creditor is continuously bothering even after assuring to pay the loan amount on a certain date. Then pluck a Peepal (sacred fig) leaf on Saturday, write the name of that person(creditor) on that leaf & put that leaf into flowing water after sunset on same Saturday. This will divert the mind of creditor & you will time to repay/arrange the loan amount or debt

  • ​If someone is frequently facing car/bike accidents or their vehicle is getting damaged frequently on roads. Befor leaving home if people facing such issues do a paath of Hanumaanji or just pray to Bajrangbali"Hey bajrangbali apni kripa drishti daya drishti sadeev banaye rakhein". This is very auspicious & Bajrangbali will help making your drive safe.

  • ​Generally, their are problems regarding peace & prosperity at home. As center of home is considered as 'Brahma Dev', a neat & clean center of home free from anything like footwear, dirt/dust, heavy weights will surely help in bring peace & prosperity. So, measure & mark exact center of home & keep it neat & clean as its very auspicious.

  • ​Generally, people are confused about to whom we should pray/bow or greet 1st in the morning. So, once we get down from bed do 'Pranam' to all directions & complete a round saying "sabhi dishaon ko mera koti-koti pranaam ho", this is greeting to all the directions (East- Surya, West - Shani, North - Kuber, South - Mangal). This way you will get blessings from all the directions & it will help you in coming out of any bad/worse dasha-antardasha of unfavourable planets making you life stable.

  • If Sun is Marak in someone's chart or is badly placed & not giving favourable results, such guys should touch feet & take blessings of elderly people like father or fatherly figures (grand-father, taya, chacha  etc.) in the morning & before stepping out. This will surely help reducing the bad impact or inauspicious effects of ill placed/marak Sun.

  • ​Couples generally feel that relation between them is not peaceful or there is no love, affection, care between them as it was earlier. Such couples if put portrait/pictures of King-Queen or Radha-Krishna in their bedroom, will surely help in making married life & personal relations more happy.

  • ​Most of the horoscopes are affected badly or suffer from ill/inauspicious effects of Shani/Rahu/Ketu. If people donate a iron knife in a Temple or Gurudwara where it can be used for preparing food in langar or communion meal, it will surely hep in reducing the ill effects of Shani/Rahu/Ketu & make life easier.

  • ​​Housewives/ladies have complaint that relationship between husband/wife is not good, no one care or listen to each other, loose patience fast & indulge in arguments frequently. If wife offer a glass of water to husband when he come home after work then this will play a very important role in making relationship happier as water is considered as Moon & help making a person calm & caring

  • For maintaining prosperity at home, rope a money-plant at & take care of it on daily basis. This will surely help in making life happy & prosperous

  • Property dealers most of the time complain that they are facing difficulty in making a deal or they are facing obstacles or delay in deals. Plant a Pomegranate (Anaar) in a garden or at some open place & wait till it start giving fruits. As Pomegranate represents Mars (Mangal dev), this will make out ways & start give positive results in property dealing. Planting Pomegranate is also good/auspicious for family & younger siblings

  • Scissor is considered & represents Shani & Rahu dev. For maintaining prosperity at home, never play with scissor as empty scissor cut the peace & prosperity of home & increase wasteful expenses. Playing with scissor activate Shani-Rahu & increase arguments/problems/obstacles in life.

  • ​​Never buy movable iron(metal) items like car/bike/cycle etc. on Saturday as it is considered very inauspicious. Saturday is considered as stable(स्थाई) day & movable iron items bought on Saturday won't last for long & activate problems/obstacles in life.

  • ​To carry forward their generation people aspire for child (संतान).​​ Jupiter (ब्रहस्पति देव) is karak for child (संतान). Once you enter the conception period, husband-wife together should do paath of Brahaspati with 108 beads mala chanting "ॐ ब्रहस्पत्ये नमः" or "ॐ गुर्वे नमः" daily in the morning. This will make excellent yoga for conceiving child (संतान)

  • ​Most of the time people get pissed-off as their work related to Government/Administration get interrupted or their Government contracts get delayed or files get into issues. A small gift to father or fatherly figures like taya/chacha etc. which they want most or is their favourite (clothes/eatables etc.) will help making Surya Dev happy & this will help you in coming out of such Govt./Admin. related issues.

  • ​90% of people consult for horoscopes during the sinful/inauspicious period of Shani/Rahu/Ketu. If you are going thru same... then the best way to cope with it is to donate black or dark blue socks to any 4th class employee like beggars-cleaners-maid etc & he/she should wear it daily. This is the best way to tackle the ill effects of Shani/Rahu/Ketu & calm them instantly.

  • Don't wear stone or perform donation (दान) without carefully studying the placement of planet
  • Majorly all the above effects will be visible in dasha-antardasha
  • Many other factors like viprit-raajyoga, neech-bhang-raajyoga, placement/conjunction of other planets & degree/combustion/retrogression of planets in eastern horizon will impact the results
  • To get rid of negative effects remedial measures must be taken after consulting a professional Astrologer
  • Don't get worried if people try to scare you by telling that you have Kaal-Sarpa, Pitra or Mangal dosha. Remedies are very simple which you can perform yourself
  • Never-ever be casual while selecting Gem-stones. Even Pearl (Moti) & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) can be fatal & spoil life badly if not suiting your chart

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