Cancer Lagna Chart

Sun in 1st house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

  • Native will have aggressive tone
  • Financial problems won't be there in dasha-antardasha of Sun
  • Continued health problems will be there

Sun in 2nd house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

Here, Sun is in its own sign
  • Tone will be very aggressive which will make him bad & people wont like him much
  • Native will never face financial problems in life

Sun in 3rd house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

Sun in own house
  • Issues with younger siblings
  • Unfruitful short travels & waste of money
  • Native will be bold in negative sense & will be quarrelsome
  • Disagreement with father will always be there even if father is right, native won't be able to cope-up with father
  • Will not believe in dharma

Sun in 4th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

Here, Sun is Debilitated (Neech)
  • In dasha-antardasha plans of buying home/vehicle won't be successful
  • Misunderstanding/disagreement with mother will always be there
  • Native will be devoid of pleasure from vehicle & other amenities of life
  • Will face lots of obstacles & tensions in professional settlement

Sun in 5th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

  • Yoga of male child
  • Stomach problems is a possibility
  • Health problems regarding gas & acidity
  • Arguments with child
  • Deficiency of money possible
  • Aggressive mind/brain, person will try do do everything in hurry

Sun in 6th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

  • Will always give bad results
  • Financial problems will be there
  • Health issues regarding throat
  • Yoga to go far-off from family


Sun in 7th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

  • Will never give good results
  • Misunderstanding with wife
  • Issues in partnership & for daily wagers

    Sun in 8th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

    • Will never give good results
    • Obstacles regarding wealth, aggressive voice & family
    • Financial problems
    • All sort of problems in dasha-antardasha
    • Because of aggressive tone, person will always be in bad terms with others
    • Yoga of going far off from family

    Sun in 9th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

    • Yoga of problems/obstacles with father, dharma & foreign travel
    • Misunderstanding with father will always be there

    Sun in 10th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

    Here, Sun gets Exalted (Uchh)
    • Native will be at higher position in professional life. may have Government job
    • Professional settlement will be good
    • No control over aggressive tone
    • Misunderstanding with mother will always be there

      Sun in 11th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

      Good Yoga
      • But results are not very advantageous
      • If chances of monetary gains are there, chances of health problems will also follow
      • Stomach problems

      Sun in 12th house in Cancer-Kark Lagna:

      • Issues regarding wealth, aggressive tone & family
      • Yoga of moving to foreign land or boarding school in childhood
      • When native get mature he/she will run for money & unable to control the expenses
      • In dasha-antardasha health problems & hospital expenditure will persist
      • Disturbed mental peace
      • Accidents, court-case/litigation regarding problems will always be there

      • Never wear stone or perform donation (दान) without carefully studying the placement of planet
      • Majorly all the above effects will be visible in dasha-antardasha
      • Many other factors like viprit-raajyoga, neech-bhang-raajyoga, placement/conjunction of other planets & degree/combustion/retrogression of planets in eastern horizon will impact the results
      • To get rid of negative effects remedial measures must be taken after consulting a professional Astrologer
      • Don't get worried if people try to scare you by telling that you have Kaal-Sarpa, Pitra or Mangal dosha. Remedies are very simple which you can perform yourself
      • Never-ever be casual while selecting Gem-stones. Even Pearl (Moti) & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) can be fatal & spoil life badly if not suiting your chart



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