Taurus Lagna Chart

Mercury in 1st house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

Mercury here gets disha-bal
  • All sorts of advantages
  • Native will be full of wisdom... will be brainy & witty
  • Success in love/affairs
  • Stomach health will be good
  • Finances will be good
  • Native will be very caring for family & family will be equally supportive as well

Mercury in 2nd house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

Mercury in ts own sign
  • Very good results
  • Tone would be pleasing/sweet
  • Favourable results for family
  • Will be financially sound
  • All sorts of obstacles will be cleared in dasha-antardasha

Mercury in 3rd house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

  • Hard work will always be there
  • Brain will always be active
  • Younger siblings will be supportive
  • Native do hard work using brain
  • Native will earn wealth using hard work

Mercury in 4th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

  • Favourable results regarding mother
  • Native will be very attached to mother
  • Get pleasure from all amenities vehicle, land & home etc
  • Profession/work will reach new heights

Mercury in 5th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

Mercury in its own moola-trikona sign
  • Very good results
  • Good for child
  • Native will be full of wisdom... very brainy/witty
  • Will be very calculative & knowledgeable
  • Stomach health will be good
  • Here, Mercury needs to be activated

Mercury in 6th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

  • Unhappiness regarding child
  • Disturbed mental peace
  • Prolonged health issues
  • Health issues regarding stomach & throat
  • Wasteful expenses will always persist


Mercury in 7th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

Will always give good results as lord of trikona is in kendra
  • Yoga of love marriage
  • Native will be very caring for wife
  • Tone would be very pleasing/sweet will never be aggressive
  • Personality will be pleasing
  • Native will be very caring for everyone

Mercury in 8th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

  • Will never give good results
  • Finances will be in bad shape
  • Tone would be aggressive
  • Misunderstanding with family
  • Unfavourable results regarding child. Native will be extremely pissed off from child
  • Weak will power & memory
  • Mental peace will remain disturb
  • Problems/tensions always persist
  • Stomach related issues
  • Possibility of uncertain losses

Mercury in 9th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

Mercury here will give good results
  • Native will be very caring to father
  • Will use his wisdom to gave father all happiness of life
  • Will believe in dharma
  • Possibility of being into research related field
  • Caring for minor issues as well
  • Good understanding with younger siblings

Mercury in 10th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

  • Native will earn wealth from trading (business) or mind related work
  • Work/profession will be at new heights
  • Favourable for mother
  • Good results in buying vehicle, land, home etc in dasha-antardasha of Mercury

    Mercury in 11th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

    Mercury here is Debilitated (Neech)
    • Very bad results
    • Finances will be in bad shape
    • Misunderstanding will always persist with elder siblings
    • Stomach related problems
    • Native will behave in negative way
    • Unfavourable results regarding child
    • Weak memory & will power
    • Disturbed mental peace
    • Native may even go in depression

    Mercury in 12th house in Taurus-Vrishabh Lagna:

    • Bad results in dasha-antardasha
    • Extreme problems regarding child
    • Native will either be childless or will be extremely pissed off from acts of child
    • Wasteful expenses will be so high that native won't be able to cope-up with it
    • Mental peace will remain disturbed
    • Issues in foreign travel
    • All negative results regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation persist

      • Never wear stone or perform donation (दान) without carefully studying the placement of planet
      • Majorly all the above effects will be visible in dasha-antardasha
      • Many other factors like viprit-raajyoga, neech-bhang-raajyoga, placement/conjunction of other planets & degree/combustion/retrogression of planets in eastern horizon will impact the results
      • To get rid of negative effects remedial measures must be taken after consulting a professional Astrologer
      • Don't get worried if people try scaring you quoting Kaal-Sarpa, Pitra or Mangal dosha. Remedies are very simple which you can perform yourself easily
      • Never-ever be casual while selecting Gem-stones. Even Pearl (Moti) & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) can be fatal & spoil life badly if not suiting your chart



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