Pisces Lagna Chart

Moon in 1st house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • Native will be very intelligent & full of wisdom
  • Personality will be very attractive & pleasing
  • Always talk sense & very thoughtfully
  • Good for partnership, married life & for daily wagers

Moon in 2nd house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • Good for finances, family, tone & child
  • Tone is generally pleasing, but if required can use tough language as well as lagna lord is Mars
  • Good results regarding 8th house
  • Native will get rid of all obstacles of life using his/her wisdom & intelligence

Moon in 3rd house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

Here, Moon gets Exalted (Uchh)
  • Yoga of younger siblings formed
  • Will get all positive results of hard work
  • Native will be hardworking using wisdom
  • Will be blessed with child surely
  • Advantages regarding father
  • Will believe in dharma
  • Will do foreign travels

Moon in 4th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • Excellent results in buying/purchasing vehicle & land, will get all pleasures in this regard
  • Will be in profession where he has to utilize brain & wisdom
  • Will be hardworking more than normal
  • Will be very witty. Will use his/her brain/wisdom at best to find a way-out for everything & this would help in earnings
  • Attachment with mother will be there

Moon in 5th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

Here, Moon is in its own sign
  • Always be advantageous
  • Will get happiness from child
  • Memory will be sharp
  • Won't get into depression easily
  • Will always find a way-out of problems
  • Success in love/affairs
  • Stomach health will be good
  • Will get rid of minor health problems if there in dasha-antardasha of Moon
  • Get care from elder siblings
  • Gains/benefits will be there from one way or another

Moon in 6th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • All negative results regarding 6th house
  • Problems regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation persist
  • Native will easily get mentally upset
  • Problems in stomach
  • May be childless
  • Useless expenses is a possibility
  • Dasha-antardasha of moon will be helpful in foreign travels
  • If Moon will be withing inauspicious effect, even imprisonment is a possibility


Moon in 7th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

Its moola-trikona sign of Mercury
  • Partner will be very attractive with pleasing personality
  • Advantages in partnerships & for daily wagers
  • Improvement in personality
  • Native will have sharp memory
  • Advantages regarding lagna

Moon in 8th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • Will never give good results in dasha-antardasha
  • Problems in stomach
  • Disturbed mental peace
  • Problems regarding children
  • Native will be in confusion state of mind
  • All negative results regarding 8th & 2nd house
  • Finances will be in bad shape
  • Family will never be supportive
  • Tone of native will be unpleasing

Moon in 9th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

Here, Moon is Debilitated (Neech)
  • Worse results
  • Person won't believe in God & dharma
  • Problems in stomach
  • Mental tension will persist
  • All sorts of problems regarding child. Won't ever be in good terms with children
  • Native will be fickle minded. Won't be able to take decision
  • Problems with younger siblings
  • Useless hard work
  • Unfruitful of travels

Moon in 10th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

Will always give good results
  • Profession related to brain & intellect
  • Native will be very brainy & intelligent. Will do work with full valour & courage
  • Always be able to find out ways using his/her wisdom
  • Even will do hard work using intellect
  • All positive results regarding mother. Will be deeply attached to mother & will always have a soft corner for her
  • Good for buying vehicle, land, home in dasha-antardasha of Moon

Moon in 11th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • Benefits/support from elder siblings
  • Finances will be good
  • Minor health problems
  • Daughter's yoga formed
  • Native will be having sharp memory
  • Success in love/affairs
  • Will be good at decision making

Moon in 12th house in Pisces-Meen Lagna:

  • Never be in good terms with children
  • In many cases child birth is very late i.e. after 8-10 years of marriage
  • Stomach problems will persist
  • Useless expenses persists
  • Problems even after foreign travel
  • Mental peace will remain disturbed
  • All negative results regarding 6th house
  • All obstacles regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation persist

  • Never wear stone or perform donation (दान) without carefully studying the placement of planet
  • Majorly all the above effects will be visible in dasha-antardasha
  • Many other factors like viprit-raajyoga, neech-bhang-raajyoga, placement/conjunction of other planets & degree/combustion/retrogression of planets in eastern horizon will impact the results
  • To get rid of negative effects remedial measures must be taken after consulting a professional Astrologer
  • Don't get worried if people try scaring you quoting Kaal-Sarpa, Pitra or Mangal dosha. Remedies are very simple which you can perform yourself easily
  • Never-ever be casual while selecting Gem-stones. Even Pearl (Moti) & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) can be fatal & spoil life badly if not suiting your chart



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